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Our Culinary Journey

Since long, people of New Jersey wanted someone to bring the same essence of Apna Punjab to their local events and gatherings. Haveli Punjab Di was born to fulfill this much awaited desire and is overwhelmed by the love shown by people of New Jersey.

At Haveli Punjab Di we believe that by serving authentic Punjabi food we can get people to stay connected to their culture, dig their traditional roots and explore the rich history of Punjab. Haveli Punjab Di takes pride in its dishes which are curated with the finest of ingredients, fresh Indian herbs & spices, with great attention paid to the recipes to evolve authentic flavours of the Punjabi cuisine. Our engaging staff is driven by professionalism and creativity in order to create a flawless execution and to provide you with a distinctive experience for every event. Laden with culture, tradition and age-old warmth of Punjab’s hospitality, Haveli Punjab Di is a culinary experience that you will treasure for life.

From classic recipes to new-age kitchen adventures, each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food presented in a simple yet pleasing manner. Dive right in, and take a bite; join us today.

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